Create & problem-solve with BBC micro:bit

micro:bit is a micro computer that can be used to makes all kinds of creations from robots to wearables. 4 million micro:bits have been produced & sold worldwide! Plus, over 25 million children are now using micro:bit in school, libraries and at home.

We are proud to have collaborated directly with the BBC micro:bit Educational Foundation to design & create the micro:bit.

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Diversify your micro:bit experience at home

Discover the full potential of micro:bit with our subscription service & micro:bit add-on kits

Future Inventors Club: your micro:bit subscription

Unlock the potential of micro:bit at home with the Future Inventors Club. Get fun, diverse projects about the latest tech trends sent to your home every month.

With the Future Inventor's Club you'll receive monthly projects that let you discover the latest trends in tech and science. Check out what some of the projects look like below:
bbc microbit wearables project future inventors club tech will save us subscription

Month 1: Wearables

Learn about the world of wearables & make your own smart watch. Anyone need to know the time?
bbc microbit ai robot future inventors club tech will save us subscription

Month 2: Artificial Intelligence

Learn about Artificial Intelligence and build your own AI robot buddy.

Month 3: Gaming

Show off your skills by building a Football Goal Game. Can you get the ball past the keeper?

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micro:bit Extension Kits

Looking for an extension kit to use with your micro:bit? Check out our range of add-ons that let you make robots, football pitches & more with your micro:bit.

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Explore the possibilities of micro:bit at school

Extend the use of the micro:bit in your classroom, after-school club or as a home educator with our education packs.

Hands-on learning with micro:bit

Our micro:bit Education Packs are filled with fun & hands-on projects for students. Clear instructions & detailed lesson plans mean that projects are straightforward to run and ensure as much collaborative learning as possible!

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Learn more about BBC micro:bit

Discover loads more about the micro:bit and how to use it on our blog
microbit vs arduino vs raspberry pi what's the difference?

BBC micro:bit vs Arduino vs Raspberry Pi

Let's get into the nitty gritty on how the micro:bit is different to some of the other pocket sizes boards out there.

What are wearables?

When you first hear about wearables, the first things to come to mind are smart-watches and fit-trackers, right? Well, there’s so much more!

micro:bit: Not Just For Schools

When it was launched in the UK, micro:bit was a historic moment for schools, parents & most importantly, KIDS!