What is the Electro Explorers Club?

An inspiring monthly subscription box providing electronic kits for kids of 4-6 years straight to your door, as well as access to an exciting new online world! With a focus on story-led learning, guided by the shape shifting explorer Smorph, your child will learn key tech skills through creativity and play.
Prices starting from just £12.99 / €13.33 / $13.33 per month!

Inspiring Story-led Learning

Smorph, the shapeshifting explorer, will keep your child engaged through educational adventures. Each new chapter expands Smorph's story, revealing more of their world and enriching your child's learning experience.

Engaging Hands-on Activities

We all know children learn by playing & creating, but we also know that involves finding time, resources and space… We've got you covered! Included in your handy kit each month is everything you’ll need for the next chapter's projects.

Supportive Online Resources

Teaching your child about tech can be daunting. Whilst the Electro Explorers Club is full of fun activities, we also aim to provide you with the resources to confidently guide your child through the projects and learning outcomes.

Electro Explorers Club Subscription


Inspire your child!
Hands-on craft and electronics projects, with a focus on story-led learning.

A flexible subscription, cancel anytime.

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Currently available for UK, EU & US customers only. Free Shipping.

Month 1

Understand simple robots & programmes • Create a series circuit with an LED • Write multi-line algorithms with conditions • Design & build robot characters

Month 2

Understand simple bugs & nanotech • Use a PCB and motor to create motion • Experiment with friction and mass to effect motion • Design & build electro bugs & their world

Month 3

Identify emotions and create emoji faces • Describe background stories for emoji faces • Understand how electricity flows • Build series & parallel circuits and add buttons
What is the Electro Explorers Club?

It is a monthly subscription for children from 4-6 years or age, designed specifically to teach key tech skills through creativity and play.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from just £12.99 / €13.33 / $13.33 per month!

What does my kid learn?

Among others, this subscription introduces the topics of robotics, circuitry, physics, algorithms, code and character design.  Each and every one of our products follow a strong, tried and tested curriculum designed to give your kids a head start in their future. All while playing!

What do I get each month?

The Electro Explorer Box comes with everything you need to make new, fun, creative and educational projects each month. This includes the next chapter in Smorph’s story and all the materials you need to get creating right away. You’ll also receive an access code for exclusive online tutorials and tips to maximise the learning experience for that month.

How long does my subscription last?

We offer a rolling monthly subscription, ending after 12 months. You are under no obligation to stay for the whole year — just subscribe, learn to your heart’s content, and cancel any time.

When do I receive my subscription?

Orders placed before the 26th of the month will be delivered for the 1st (UK), 4th (EU) and 8th (USA). Orders placed on/after the 26th will be delivered for the 1st (UK), 4th (EU), 8th (US) of the following month. Due to COVID-19 there may be slight delays with delivery dates.

Where do you ship to and how much is shipping?

We offer free tracked shipping to the UK, EU and the USA. You can find more information about shipping here.

What types of devices are supported?

You can access the online hub via our website using a phone, tablet, or laptop. You only need internet access.

I have a question that’s not in this FAQ, how can I get in touch with someone?

Questions, comments or concerns? Drop our friendly Customer Care team a message anytime, they will be more than happy to help! You can reach them here.

Need to know more?

Buying any subscription can feel like a big commitment…especially if it’s something new for your child.

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