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Future tech for your child to explore

The Future Inventors Club is a monthly subscription to code and create with the technology that will shape the future.
Augmented Reality (AR)

This is Month 5 of the Future Inventors Club and definitely one to look forward to. He’s a quick breakdown without giving too much away 😉

What will you do?
  • Build your very own AR headset
  • Follow step-by-step tutorials teaching the basics of AR, coding and more
  • Find out how timers & compasses work
  • Look into the future
How many projects are there?

Plenty to keep an inquisitive child occupied!

  • 1-2 hours of building + all the customisation time you want!
  • 1-2 hours of coding + tinkering time…
Can I have a sneak peak?



Each monthly topic re-uses this powerful pocket-sized computer. (Required & sold separately)
Let us break it down...

The micro:bit is a powerful, pocket-sized computer loved by kids, parents & educators alike. It’s compact, programmable and capable of amazing things.

Designed in collaboration with the BBC Micro:Bit Educational Foundation, the micro:bit encourages kids to solve real-world problems with technology.

Do I need one?

In short…yes.
The Future Inventors Club uses the Micro:Bit in each of the 12 monthly project boxes so it’s a great investment. A very powerful tech tool at a very “Micro” price!

We sell them in our shop here


21st Century Learning

Based on a comprehensive & future proof learning framework of critical thinking, collaboration, coding and creativity.

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