Designed for Education

Tech Will Save Us kits are specifically designed for a seriously playful approach to education.

Curriculum Alligned

Aligned with Key Stages 1, 2 & 3 of the UK national curriculum and US CSTA and NGSS core standards.

For Schools, Clubs or Home Educators

Our versatile kits can be used in a traditional classroom setting, by homeschoolers or in STEAM & STEM clubs and workshops.

STEAM Skills for the Future

Give students aged 4-11 the skills to design solutions for real-world challenges.

Education Kits for Homeschooling

Foster complimentary STEAM skills for individual or small groups of students in home education.

Why use our kits for learning at home?

Fun & engaging STEAM projects

Capture your kids' interest in STEAM with projects covering electricity, gaming or crafting.

Aligned with your home curriculum

Supports in covering core areas of the curriculum by aligning with UK KS 1,2 & 3 and US CSTA & NGSS core standards.

Easy to follow lessons.

Confidently lead students through STEAM projects with step-by-step instructions and follow up activities.

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Resources for Learning at Home

Discover a range of white papers, blogs and activity ideas related to learning at home.

The Montessori Method

What is Montessori Education and what are the benefits?

A Community Update

An update for our community regarding the Covid-19 outbreak.

Creativity in Education

Why is creativity important? How can we encourage our kids to be more creative?

Education Boxes for Classrooms

Developed with educators to empower teachers to run hands-on STEAM classes.

Why use our Education Boxes in your classroom?

Curriculum Aligned

Aligned with UK Key Stages 1, 2 & 3. Supports US CSTA and NGSS core standards.

Designed for Schools

Education boxes come in larger boxes form more flexible use & better classroom storage.

Easy to run lessons

Includes all the materials you need to run your lesson. Each kit comes with 10+ hours of easy-to-follow lesson plans.

Preview A Lesson Plan

Take a look at our lesson plan content & structure.

Engaging lessons for kids aged 4-11

Our Education Boxes are tailored for different ages & abilities. Find out more about our different boxes below:

Electro Dough Education Box

Ages 4-6. Make fun circuits with dough. Learn about sound & electricity.

Arcade Coder Education Box

Ages 6-12. Create & code arcade games. Learn about game design & block coding.

Gamer Kit Education Box

Ages 9-12. Explore how a games console works. Learn to use Arduino.

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Resources for Teachers

Check out these articles, activity ideas & white papers about the latest in STEAM education.

What are the key milestones in children's development?

All children grow and learn at different paces. We've outlined some guidelines as to what skills children develop at different ages.

How are our lesson plans created?

We put a lot of care and thought into every single lesson plan. Find out more about how we work with teachers to create them!

Education gets our vote!

We've outlined the key areas that we think education should focus on in the future. Do you agree?

Introduce STEAM to Your Club or Workshop

Designed to encourage fun, extra-curricular learning for groups of 5-6 students.

Hands-on, collaborative workshops

Super STEAM activities

Capture kids' interest in STEAM with creative & hands-on activities. So fun, they'll never see the learning coming!

Easy to run workshops

Each pack includes detailed project instructions & extra activities. No previous STEAM knowledge required!

Hours of projects

Each pack comes with access to Club Make. Includes hours of projects.

Got questions?

Whether you’re a teacher, homeschooler or club leader, get in touch to discuss which of our packs is most suitable for your needs.

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Head over to Club Make to get the project instructions for your kit!